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  • Powerful Pocket Size Charger
  • Quick Charge any device with Pulse Charger including Apple and Android
  • 2800mAh High Power Capacity for FULL charge any phone
  • Convenient carrying loop. Easy to use for all emergencies. Comes with recharge cable.


The PowerTRIP Pulse Charger is a powerful backup battery & charger for phones, cameras, and any other handheld devices. With the highest Amp output for stick chargers and advanced pulse charging circuit technology, the pulse charger is a reliable long-lasting power stick. With a plug and play easy-to-use design, keep your Pulse charger in your pocket or on the keychain for emergencies or daily recharges while on the go.

2-Year PCG Warranty



  • Compatible with all micro USB-enabled handheld devices; if you own an iPhone, you can utilize your existing USB cord to plug into Pulse.
  • Measurements: 4.04" x 0.89" x 0.89"
  • Features LED charge level indicators
  • Charge: 1 Amp high speed
  • Battery: 2800mAh Lithium-Ion



  • Micro USB re-charge cable


Compatible With:

  • All iPhones
  • All Android Phones
  • GoPros / Cameras
  • GPS
  • Portable Speakers
  • E-Cigs
  • Bluetooth Devices & More…




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